Pay With Coinpayment #$Bit2MusicToken

Pay With Coinpayment #$Bit2MusicToken

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01-05 (B2MT) = $3.26 ea
06-15 (B2MT) = $3.20 ea
16-35 (B2MT) = $3.15 ea
36-50 (B2MT) = $3.10 ea
51-100 (B2MT) = $3.05 ea
101-1,000 (B2MT) = $2.95 ea
1,001-5,000 (B2MT) = $1.26 ea

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Buy Music or Bit2MusicToken

Buy Music or Bit2MusicToken

Welcome to Bit2Music Multi-Media


Bit2Music Multi-Media is a Division of Bold n Boasy Entertainment.

The Number 1 Cryptocurrency are Cash Indie Music Shop.

MUSIC LOVERS, Need to buy your Favourite Indie Icon are Upcoming Artistes Music, Reggae, Dancehall, SOUL, AFRO BEAT, R&B, Hip Hop & Rap. Artistes Like Roland Johnny Dollar Burrell, Hawkeye, Knocklife, Jahvante Campbell, Vybz Kartel, Drake, DMX, Jay Z & More, but don’t have a Credit Card and Paypal Doesn’t Work In Your Country To Buy? No Problem, You Can Now Buy With Cryptocurrency. One (1) Sound Recording (a song) In Bit2Music Music Store Is 0.304 B2MT.

Buy music with Bit2MusicToken. Indie producer and artistes we will sell your music and you keep 100%. Latest albums available for Bit2MusicToken …

You Can Advertise Here For Cheap From 0.001 Bit2MusicToken or $1.50 USD Up. Video Ads, Live Sports Stream, Music Video, Interview or Stage Show.


Key Services Offered :

  • Music and Video Production, Distribution. Distribute In Cash or Crypto.
  • Registration For P.R.O, ISRC Code, PPL, BMI, Copyright & Licensing.

Donate With Cash or Cryptocurrency. Thanks A Lot


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Make Payment Wth Coinpayment 24/7 #$Bit2MusicToken

Make Payment Wth Coinpayment 24/7 #$Bit2MusicToken

China Made by Kool Swade (Single Exclusive Only On Musicoin) Mar.03,2018
Single Of The Month. Jan 22 – Feb 21, 2018. Pages Of Life by Kool Swade. In Stores Worldwide.
EP Of The Month Itunes Store,Reggae Roots by Hawkeyel (Reggae EP) Feb 16 – Mar 15, 2018
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Buy Music Services with Bit2MusicToken, BIT2MUSICTOKEN Store Now On Open Bazaar Platform. Buy Bit2MusicToken, Music, Music Promotion, ISRC Code and More with Bit2MusicToken or BitCoin.
We at Bit2Music Multi-Media & Bit2MusicToken Are Proud Sponsors Of Bold 3 3on3 Basketball League.



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Musicoin is a decentralized platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology in empowering musicians to take full ownership of their content and finances. Our platform is built on a transparent Peer-to-Peer network powered by programmable smart contract


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Bit2MusicToken Music & Merch In Much Market marketplace to buy and sell digital and physical goods for dogecoin, LTC, BTC, B2MT and other digital currencies.


‘Profit From Your Passion’ Working For Transparency & A Fair Deal For Artists & Fans In The Music Industry. Earn AudioCoins When you join .

Question & Answer

What Is Bit2MusicToken?

Bit2Music Multi-Media a Division of Bold n Boasy Entertainment launches Bit2MusicToken crypto-cash in Jamaica. Indie Music Producer and Distributor launched its own crypto-currency, called Bit2MusicToken, in Jamaica. Customer will be able to claim coin for Subscribe to there website or youtube channels, Watch any video on our channels and leave your waveslite wallet address in the comment box. And other ways, 0.304 B2MT Token Redeem 1 Song from Bit2Music Multi-Media Music Store. Jamaican and the rest of the World will be able to buy their favorite song with the virtual cash from Bit2Music Multi-Media Music Store, play Private Fantasy Sports, once they have amassed 1.000 Bit2MusicToken. Bit2Music Multi-Media has partnered with crypto-cash start-up Waves to create and run the scheme. The tech company will run the blockchain ledger for the coin to keep track of who has coins and what has been done with them. Customers will be able to claim their coins by scanning a QR Code with a smartphone. The crypto-currency is a stand-alone system that has some technical similarities to Bitcoin but is distinct from it. In a statement , Waves said that it had already generated 21 Million Bit2MusicToken to use in the loyalty scheme. The current cost of a Sound Recording (song), customers will be able to get a free song for every 0.304 B2MT. they buy with real money. Carlton S Brown, head of external communications at Bold n Boasy Entertainment, said the scheme turned the indie music into an “investment vehicle”. On social media, some people reported that they had already managed to claim Bit2MusicTokens after watching videos on our youtube channels and playing Private Fantasy Sports. Dr Mary Clarke, research fellow at the Harris Centre for Alternative Finance, said Bit2Music Multi-Media Music was the first Jamaican Indie Music Production brand to issue its own crypto-cash but he expected others to follow. “Traditional loyalty programs, such as airline miles, typically have a fairly limited range of exchange options,” she said. The ease with which the branded crypto-currencies could be traded for other national currencies or even other assets could make them “more compelling” than a standard loyalty scheme, she added. “Reward points are actually a good use case for blockchains,” she said. However, in a later conversation, she warned that they could be used for money laundering and ransomware payments. “This will undoubtedly happen,” she said. Bit2MusicToken on Waves Platform. Bit2MusicToken enables cryptocurrencies to be widely used in the real economy by making real assets tradable in crypto. We allow cryptoholders to diversify their portfolio by getting explosure to real assets via crypto Don’t fall for a wrong coin, the right asset is verified on Waves DEX, keep an eye on the green check make. Fasten your seatbelts, we are going to deposit to your Bit2MusicToken wallets on the Waves platform. Bit2Music Multi-Media a Division of Bold n Boasy Entertainment to issue coin for ICO as a Services on Waves. Don’t have a Credit Card and Paypal Doesn’t Work In Your Country To Buy? No Problem, You Can Now Buy With Bit2MusicToken Cryptocurrency Here BIT2MUSIC Multi-Media Bit2MusicToken virtual cash will be given out when people Subscribe to Bit2Music Multi-Media a Division of Bold n Boasy Entertainment website, youtube channel, watch video, Buy or Trade on WavesLite Platform. Download Your Waveslite Wallet here

What Can Bit2MusicToken Purchase?

Bold 3 Basketball Entry Fee & Merch, Music, Music Services, Artiste Merch and More Services and Brand Coming Soon..

How To Purchase Music and Music Services With Bit2MusicToken?

Making payment with Bit2MusicToken (B2MT) is easy, Select the item, music or music services, send payment to B2MT or waves coin to Bit2Music Wallet 3PKJxQej85KLihmD1rMcDsm8ZofTGFJQMRR with the info of of your item to or from your Waveslite Wallet with info in the att:

Where Can We Buy Music And Music Services?

Bit2Music Store, Bold n Boasy Ent Music Store, Wa’Ta Radio Plugger, Jump Street Productions, Knocklife Ent. Bold 3 Basketball Sports Shop and more Coming Soon. Buy B2MT here

Where Can We Buy, Trade or Claim Free Bit2MusicToken?

BIT2MUSICTOKEN PRICE & BUY HERE: Bit2MusicToken Is Available On Waves DEX Exchanges, Buy or Trade Now! Send payment to $Bit2MusicToken convert. You can also send coins from your CoinPayments Wallet to $Bit2MusicToken with no fee! One (1) Sound Recording (a song) In Bit2Music Music Store Is 0.304 B2MT. and Bit2MusicToken now on Waves DEX exchanges, where you can buy or trade now! Claim 1 FREE BIT2MUSICTOKEN! every 60 blocks (approximately 1 hour) with this faucet simply by entering your waveslite Other ways to claim Bit2MusicToken, 1. Subscribe to our website or youtube channel. Get 0.0020b2mt 2. Watch any video on our channels and leave your waveslite wallet address in the comment box. Get 0.005b2mt 3. Buy or Trade on WavesLite Platform. The Bit2Musicoin branded Cryptocurrency can be traded for music in Bit2Music Music Store, other national currencies or even other assets. 4. Play Private Fantasy Sports and Win. No Limit Coin & Bit2MusicToken. One (Single) Song by itself are taken for a EP or Album = 0.304.B2MT

What are ISRC Codes and why do I need them?

ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the globally recognized standard numbering system for audio and music video recordings. It comprises a 12-digit alphanumeric code and functions as a universal identification number for each sound recording. ISRC codes are primarily used to identify and catalog individual songs (tracks) on an album. The ISRC allows you to get paid for digital music sales by ensuring that your royalties are tracked properly. ISRC codes are necessary to sell your individual tracks via iTunes and other online music distributors. They are also required for any songs that you plan to offer for streaming on Spotify and other streaming services. Similarly, you need to get ISRC codes in order to have your songs participate in the Billboard charts. In order to have a chance at making the Billboard music charts, your release must be registered with SoundScan using your ISRC codes for the individual tracks. If you do not register then your sales figures are not counted, and you remain invisible to the system. ISRC Codes are also used to identify videos and spoken word recordings such as audio books, sermons, and training programs. [Top] Is the ISRC code different from a UPC code? Yes, it is. The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is a unique international identifier for sound and music video recordings. Unlike the Universal Product Code (UPC), the ISRC is tied to the recording in the track and not the carrier of the track (CD or digital sound file). In short, the ISRC identifies individual tracks while the UPC identifies the complete album. (You can order both ISRC and UPC codes on our order form below.) The cost for ISRC codes without mastering services is as follows: 50 songs or more get a discount per song. You can ask any questions in the “Questions or Comments in our message box. We look forward to helping you with your project! Info Needed and ISRC Agreement Below. Title: Alternative Title: Artiste (s) or Group: Riddim “Instrumental” Courtesy of: Riddim “Instrumental” Name: Composer (s) Names (s): Song Arranger: Song Written by: Background Vocal (s) by: Mix by: Master by: Recording Engineer (s) Name(s) Studio Name (s): Voice Produced by: Instrumental Producer(s): Executive Producer; Voice Date: Release Date: Mood:. BPM: Time: ISRC: Distributor (s): Label Names (s): Country: Phone number: Email: Company Name: First Name: Last Name: Address: Zip/Postal Code:

Latest News about Bit2Music & The Cryptocurrency Industry.

Upcoming Artiste Kool Swade

Kool Swade strongly believes his music will make a difference in society and strives to set an example for youths. He spends his spare time writing music and developing his vocals in an effort to enhance his art.


Sherwayne Morgan o/c Knocklife The Rapper..Only a few Jamaica Entertainers have penchant for Rapping, One of them is Knocklife. His Moniker Has an Interesting beginning, In 2000 one of His Cousins Accidentally broke His Jay.Z Cassette entitle Hard Knock Life. The Owner visibly upset and His Cousin saw how attached He was to this Hard Knocklife cassette,

Roland Burrell

Realizing his strength as a songwriter, singer, musician, Roland Burrell is conscious of the challenges that is ever present in the pursuit of excellence within a very competitive music industry. Roland Burrell was born in Pennants, Clarendon in Jamaica. He recorded his first album, « Johnny Dollar » for Tanka Records which included the hit songs « Hey Mama » and « Stormy Night.

WavesLite Platform

#Bit2MusicToken now on Waves DEX exchanges, buy or trade now! Claim 1 FREE BIT2MUSICTOKEN! every 60 blocks (approximately 1 hour) with this faucet simply by entering your waveslite. Get your wallet

Musicoin UBI Platform

Musicoin is a decentralized platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology in empowering musicians to take full ownership of their content and finances. Our platform is built on a transparent Peer-to-Peer network powered by programmable smart contracts to enable fair remuneration


FLiK is an end-to-end entertainment ecosystem that allows for creative projects to be funded, filmed, distributed, and paid for all within the FLiK framework. This is a revolutionary approach to the development and distribution of entertainment as we know it.

Make or Buy With Coinpayment #$Bit2MussicToken

Make or Buy With Coinpayment #$Bit2MussicToken