Creating a basic volume and file system using veritas volume manager. VxVM allows a system administrator to configure various volume layouts for the volume thus allowing high redundancy and high performance. . Cheat Sheets. Most Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) commands (excepting daemons, library commands and supporting scripts) are linked to the /usr/sbin directory from the. Veritas Volume Manager Cheat Sheet: The Setup: an Oracle database supporting an application called ABC, and given the following: Assuming that we need to.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The only way to fix this is to replace the failed disk but veritas can still read the private region on the disk. Reverses the direction of a paused volume relayout.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Turns a snapshot into an independent volume. Splits a disk group and moves the specified objects into the target disk shset.

Posted in VxVm Leave a Comment. Removes a mirror from a volume. Plex must be synced with other plexes to make it active. Prints single-line information about objects in VxVM. You are commenting using your WordPress.

VxVM Tutorials : Creating Volume and file system

Used to backup configuration chnages, the files created can be used with vxmake to restored lost groups. Display volume info vxprint —Aht Display unstartable volume vxinfo -g Display volume properties vxprint —vl Display plex properties vxprint —vp Display sub-disk properties vxprint —st Display group properties vxdg list Display detailed group info vxdg list Display all the physical disks vxdisk list Display detailed disk info vxdisk list Check for disk failures vxstat —g —ff —d Check for plex failures vxstat —g —ff -p Check for volume failures vxstat —g —ff -v Iostats vxstat [—d disks ] Tracing vxtrace Display tasks vxtask list.


Refreshing an instant space-optimized snapshot. January 5, by sun4u. To take it under VxVM control we would initialize it. Some use ful commands vxtask: Home About Life in HD. After creating the cache object, enable the cache object with the vxcache start command. Relocates subdisks to their original disks. Reports conflicting configuration information. Removes a disk from its disk group. If the daemon is stopped it does not disable any configuration state loaded into thekernel.

For my convenience I will be using OS native disk scheming. Configures a disk for use with VxVM. Shet a disk cheay a disk group. Handling conflicting configuration copies.

To check the current naming scheme. Refreshes a snapshot from its original volume.

VxVM Tutorials : Creating Volume and file system – The Geek Diary

Encapsulation — Disk is taken under VxVM control when it is initialized but the data is preserved in this method. Grows a volume to a specified size or by a specified amount. Creates a volume from existing plexes.

As sheft can see in the output above, a plex with one subdisk is created which comprises the volume myvol. Sub-Disk related tasks To create a subdisk disk on disk disk01 of size MB vxmake sd disk disk01,0,m. Creating a mirrored volume.


Lists all diskgroups on the disks. Splits a subdisk in two. Dissociating an instant snapshot.

Imports a disk group as shared by vxbm cluster, and optionally renames it. Adding a mirror to a volume. Creating and administering disk groups lists commands for creating and administering disk groups.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Copies a volume onto a plex. Veritas will try and keep 5 copies of the configuration hseet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here If a second subdisk is created on the same vmdisk, the offset value 0 can not be given. Performs online relayout of a volume.

Reattaching a plex manually.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. For detailed information about an individual command, refer to the appropriate manual page in the 1M section.

Resumes a paused task. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Using vxdiskadd to put a disk under VxVM control. Resizes a volume and the underlying Veritas Sbeet System.

List licensed features of VxVM.