13 Nov The Fright at Tristor has 3 ratings and 1 review. Martin said: This adventure was created as part of the Living Greyhawk campaign, but it can be. The players are ask to investigate and stop the horror that is threating the town of Tristor. An RPGA “Living Greyhawk” adventure, it was intended for 1st level. RPGA the Fright at Tristor – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The bars are strong iron. For the latest character creation rules and information on how you can get involved with the campaign, visit www.

The man rests against the wall, his head tilted to the side in sleep. The prong is a broken tine from the metal claws Reuven wears while on his revenge missions.

Sounds of wt beyond two large double doors can be heard. Sheaves is a night person. There, each Rhennee was given a mock trial, found guilty, and lynched. Tadda admits, however, that she does not get around much. A few minutes after the PCs enter the barn, they hear the whining of a small calf that has been trapped under a fallen beam. If a member of the party casts speak with animals on the calf, it whines about its injuries and asks to be fed. To the northeast is a wild tangle of weeds that once apparently was a garden.

Since the beginning of the raids, less than two months ago, the entire north has been under martial law, at the personal orders ofTheocrat Ogon Tillit, Supreme Prelate of the Pale. Your Favorite Part of the module! The ground around the home has been stripped back to the bare, hard earth. At the time the adventure begins, the young boy is back and using a disguise and tristo trained bear, mutilates and kills livestock as well as farmers around Tristor, seeing his actions as justice for what happened.

A man on horseback emerges from the gate, moving swiftly in your direction. Pharaoh Advanced Dungeons and Dragons module I3. Those who save successfully suffer no deleterious effect.


The necks of these creatures have been savagely mutilated. I’d make sure the players have a tracker of some sort, maybe downplay the “kid” and give them a bit more of a chance to find out pieces of the background as they go along so the story unfolds more thr. Nearly all of the animal victims suffered severe damage to the throat. He thinks a bear is thhe for the animal deaths but will not willingly provide the heroes with that information.

He has no desire to kill the PCs at this point. He will be buried the following day. Any resident ofTristor can identify the Burrens as a human farming family who own land southeast of the city, The Burrens harvest wheat, but specialize in beef cattle. Suddenly, the back door explodes off its hinges, revealing a horrible creature. Gaeren is not sure who or what got to his cow, but whatever it was managed to get into a locked barn and utterly savage the poor creature.

The Fright At Tristor (Dungeons and Dragons)

It was distributed as a play at trjstor game for Living Greyhawk. She is proud of what she and her fellow villagers did, and hopes the small boy they let leave Tristor has seen the light of Pholtus. Should the PCs follow the trail, they eventually emerge upon a neighboring farmstead see The Bosko Farm, below. Apparently, Parsons paced a good deal before leaving his horse and moving quickly east, into the woods.

The three guards are leery of sharing information with the party and refer them to Rontir Athone.

The Fright at Tristor – Wikipedia

They are off duty, however, and are more than happy to share a few drinks with the PCs. Original electronic format These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable.

The Fright at Tristor was designed by Keith Polsterand was published in The hooded figure is Jagadis Deadknife, a demented hunter who came to Tristor five years ago, attracted by the strange game native to the Troll Fens.

On a successful claw hit against a Medium-size opponent, Brownie may attempt a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. Cedric is a capable opponent, but is driven by fear, not by a desire to do harm to the PCs.


Log In with Facebook. Using a fireball scroll he picked up in the Bandit Kingdoms, the Rhennee immolated the Selford barn, leaving the remaining walls extremely unstable. Both men respect the decree of martial law and will not linger long after dusk.

The overturned wagon sits roughly feet from a twostory farmhouse. Christian Response to Dungeons and Dragons. The old man does his best against the beast, but deep, bloody wounds to his chest suggest he may not last long. If the PCs mention bears or the animal tracks near the cairn, Reuven explains that a large bear, probably seeking shelter, wandered into his cave about three hours ago. Matt Bogen marked it as to-read Jun 18, The beam fell on it and hurt it.

Once she mentions the tree, however, the other two guardsmen become quiet and the conversation abruptly and uncomfortably ends. The lack of central leadership in the region has forced the mayors and constables of the nearby villages to fend for themselves, dealing with problems as they see fit. According to their tales, the monster was as big as a horse, though much wider, with powerful claws and fierce teeth. She does not like to talk about her family or the arcs who killed them, and she begins to weep when asked about it.

He harbors suspicions that the arcs are after his ale recipe.

The barn stays empty throughout the day and night, as the couple are not able to keep an eye on animals beyond closed doors. Someone, tristog some thing, is sending a message to Tristor, and all fear the inevitable – when the gruesome murderer claims its first human victim.

Average Rating 3 ratings. Presumably attacked by arcs, all that remained of the knights were bits of broken ta and the bones of their horses. Granted, I am a noob both as a player and as a DM but I thought this was a fantastic story.