The Colonel has ratings and 88 reviews. Petra X said: This book is banned in Iran because the author will not allow the censors to edit it to reflect. 4 Oct Mahmoud Dowlatabadi is best known in Iran for his volume epic The idealistic and relatively modernised “Colonel”, a career officer in the. The Colonel is a novel about nation, history, and family, beginning on a rainy night when two policemen summon the Colonel to.

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It shows how we are trapped in history and there is no get away from it. In August the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi, Iran issued a commemorative postage stamp for writer Mahmoud Dowlatabadi. The Colonel is non-linear, filled with flashbacks, memories and hallucinations — making the timeline of events sometimes difficult to follow.

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The second time I read it specifically to find his tune and style between the translated lines! It was horrible in many ways, truly a the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi.

The main characters of this story, the colonel, Amir and Khezr are well presented mahnoud I could understand the reasons behind their actions. There are some notes at the end of the book which I found the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi. She died in custody and he must bury her before dawn in an unmarked grave.

Will go into more detail later on when I know if I am allowed to publish the review somewhere else as well because we were asked to write reviews by the publisher I think.

A Review of The Colonel by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi | The Literary Review

View all 6 comments. Great piece of work by Dowlatabadi. The reason that I prefer the original Persian text is the delicacy of word choices. In the face of this cruel, personal history, Dowlatabadi has wrought an affecting and beautiful novel. Don’t women have a voice or is that as shrouded as their bodies? This, along with the routine ignominy of being a client state, was used by many the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi, including Ayatollah Khomeini, to stoke the embers of revolution.


Each of his children belongs to, and represents, a different political movement: Dieses Buch handelt auf vielen Ebenen eine historische, eine persoenliche The catalyst which sets the story into motion is a knock on the door in the middle of the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi night.

The Colonel – Canada.

My full review of The Colonel can be found here: This novel lyrically depicted the effects of the revolution on the opposing political groups, who in mabmoud fought for the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi revolution but were later silenced, by placing them in one family and narrating their fate through their father’s eyes, “the colonel”. He “read all the romances [available] Dowlatabad presents it beautifully. He thinks of his own children, one of whom died supporting the Shah, another of whom fought for the Ayatollah, another of whom -his fourteen-year old daughter- has been captured handing out leaflets against the re A pitch black, the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi night in a small Iranian town.

Dowlatabad’s novels also attracted the attention of local police.

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi

The Colonel’s peregrinations in the darkness are mirrored in how his mind wanders as a the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi flood of dowlattabadi washes over him, and past and present mix murkily. Dowlatabadi is celebrated as one of the most important writers in contemporary Iran, particularly for his use of language. Today it is the official language of IranTajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan.

The Colonel by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi.

In Missing Soluchan impoverished woman raises her children the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi an isolated village after the unexplained disappearance of her husband, Soluch.

This is but a small tip of the iceberg of the horrors visited upon the Colonel and all five coloneel his children. Books by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi. He firmly believed that he had bequeathed to his children only the most natural of rights, namely the right to determine what they wanted to do with their lives Apr 10, Matin Kheirkhahan rated it really liked it.


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Quest for power justifies reasoning any injustice. It explains how Dowlatabadi came to write this novel. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Colonel

Gosh, this book is grim. And yet, for his other work which is widely hailed in The colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi as unique and masterful, Dowlatabadi is respected and honored by the postage stamp in his honor. Brightly Raise kids who love to read. Weltkrieg bis zur Revolution und wie dowlatabad Familie dabei involviert war.

The Colonel » Melville House Books

The book is all about men. The Colonel is hard work to read. Two children remain, the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi the eldest son is sunk in an unresponsive nihilism as a result of the failure of the Communist faction he supported, and his daughter Farzaneh is married to an the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi who shifts his allegiances with the changing political leadership. My comments don’t do justice to the complexity and richness of this superb and highly instructive novel about a country that is important to the Western world, but one that continues to be a worrisome enigma to most of us.

Return to Book Page. Or for that same torturer to reappear later on dressed as a Mulla, now serving in the new government.

What happens to Colonel and his kids is no stranger to Iranians. The colonel keeps his picture in a place dowlafabadi prominence in his home.

This book is banned in Iran because the author will not allow the censors to edit it to reflect their own partisan view of history. This the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi felt like the cry at the heart of the novel: