1 Jan Baqir Majlisi Tehzeeb Ul Islam. Identifier BaqirMajlisiTehzeebUlIslam. Identifier- ark ark://t4nk8dd7d. Ocr language not currently OCRable. It is narrated by Ameer-ul-Momineen, Hazrat Ali (a.s.), that cotton and woolen .. it is the light of Islam and those Muslims who will have white hair in the beard. Tehzeeb-ul-Ikhlaq was a journal published by the Muslim reformer Sir Syed Ahmed Khan between and The journal published alternative Muslim .

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A momin who tehzfeb a fellow-momin when he is ill, is surrounded by angels who tell him, “O congratulations to thee on the heaven”, and it is reported that the momin has said that alleviating a single suffering of any momin is better than I’tekaf retirement for God’s worship and continued fasting for two auspicious months.

Baqir Majlisi

But rehzeeb persons who are fifty and above are advised not to take ghee. Yaser, the servant of Imam Reza a. Among all the fruits, fig has close similarity with the fruits of heaven. In another tradition it was stated that three types of people will never be able to enter heaven, those who always take wine, who always indulge in magic and lastly, those who have always withheld dispersing kindness.

Another tradition prohibits lying on one’s side in the bathroom as this melts the fat on the kidneys and slims the man. Bless me with a woman out of all who is highly virtuous and who, for my sake will safeguard her conscience Nafs and my belongings and will be a source of increase in daily bread and also in luck.

Therefore people who have never misused the trust kept in them and have been kind to their relatives will ixlam the path very easily and will enter heaven; but those who have misappropriated the trust preserved with them and have spoken badly about their relatives, will not be benefitted by their deeds and they will be thrown from Pul-e-Sirat. There was chicken whose stomach was filled with dates and oil.

The earth complains to God for forty days when a person whose organ is covered with foreskin, urinates upon it. It is mustahab commendable for men to tejzeeb their head and beard.

No one should unite keeping his face or back towards Ka’aba or during sailing in the boat. Two other traditions state that there is no harm in making an addition something to tie a plait from the hair of one’s own hair or that of an animal but the hair of other women should not be mixed with one’s own. After death he will be thrown in hell and on earth his orphans will meet the same treatment as had been meted out to the orphans, by him.


If you eat in them, it is better not to let your mouth touch them. In another tradition a person complained to Imam Reza a. Afterwards Imam said, “Love is a gift from god and hatred is a gift of shaitan.

According tehzeeeb another tradition, the Imam a.

According to a tradition, a person who cuts his nails on a Thursday should start from his left hand and end on the little finger of his right hand. But it is better to avoid their use and display for decoration purpose. When a person wears a ring of this stone, at his every glance towards it, God gives him the reward of Ziarat, Haj and Umrah, which are kept in his record of action. His wife and children are his prisoners and God is happy with those who treat their prisoners well.

And a woman who will apply perfume for men other than her husband will not have her prayers accepted. It is sunnat-e-muwakida to circumcise a boy on within the seventh day after birth.

Any food which is kept in silver and gold is not permissible though this food can be taken out in other types of utensils.

According to a tradition, Imam Moosa Kazim a. When Mu’alla begged him many times, the Imam a. This will also cause good breath in the mouth and the person will grow more polite. Another tradition states that a person entered the presence of the Holy Prophet s. If God blesses him with some reward, thank God and if some curse descends on him, be more kind and loving to him than before. According to another tradition, if a person provides a hearty meal to an afflent momin, then his reward will be equal to freeing a slave from the off-spring of Ismail a.

Ahlebait are superior to us and through them he has blessed us. If people pay respect to you, you should think it to be on account of their personal goodness and thzeeb and if they are reserved with you, think it as an accountof you behaviour’s shortcomings. It is sunnat to eat with servants and slaves – sitting on the ground. tezheeb

Tehzeeb-ul-Akhlaq – Wikipedia

The religious scholars and lu have restricted this hadeeth of freeing the slave after seven years as Sunnate Mowakkedah. One should not be like animals and only bother about eating and drinking; as eating and drinking is done for the sake of prayer and that one may gain strength. It is popularly accepted among the scholars that except hair on the cheeks and below the lower lip, to shave the beard on both sides is haram non-permissible ; and it should be cut in a manner that it does not resemble a shave.


Silver and golden plates are not permitted for eating and drinking and even their use for other types of work is doubtful.

The boy answered, Mohammed; and when he was asked his Kuniyat, he said, Abu Ali. According to a reliable tradition, the person who does not give his children any bread and lets it get spoiled, is the accused. Noorul Hasan Naqvi of Department of Urdu took over the charge of editorship of the journal. A reliable tradition from Imam Mohammad Baqir a. But if the animal is caught by an untrained dog, it is only permissible when you reach before it is dead and you cut it’s throat; but if the animal is dead by the time you reach, then it is not permissible.

Whenever a guest arrives one should welcome him by helping him in unpacking in a befitting manner; but when the guest is packing to leave, one should not help, as it is a sign of one’s selfish motive. Except fever, all sudden diseases and pains are caused by over-eating.

Baqir Majlisi Tehzeeb Ul Islam

It is wajib or sunnat-e-muwakkida to bathe a child after the birth with this intention that one is bathing the child for proximity to God. According to another tradition, Imam Reza a. It increases tehseeb, strengthens bones and is the food of Prophets.

May He increase His curses on the murderers of Husain a. A committee was formed with Syed Hamid as its chief editor and Qazi Moizuddin as its editor.

There was a lot of halwa on the dastarkhan table. When the prophets gehzeeb, their eyes are not closed but are awaiting revelation from the Almighty God.