Sizzle has ratings and reviews. Bettie said: Call me old-fashioned, but when you’ve got the guts to put a name like Sizzle on the cover of y. Sizzle. A Novel. A Novel. A Novel. By Julie Garwood. By Julie Garwood. By Julie Garwood. By Julie Garwood. By Julie Garwood Read by Susan Denaker. Jan 15, Dear Ms. Garwood: Sizzle by Julie Garwood Sizzle is the latest contemporary offering and it brings to readers Samuel Wellington Kincaid from.

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L Sizzle is the eighth book in the Buchanan series, it follows Lyra and Sam.

My book lover heart breaks Her parents are superficial a-holes that care nothing about her. And, hey, that hero is pretty irresistible sizzle by julie garwood. This template may be a time honored and proven success, but Juie. I didn’t like it and skipped most of it even though it was nulie for comedy. Another point of contention, outside the romance: Feb 23, TJ rated it did not like it Shelves: Here comes the hero named insert cool, buff, hardened hero name here to the rescue.

The overall saving grace of this audiobook for me was the incredible narrator. This goes on pretty much throughout the book. There’s a lot of bumbling around and lackadaisical scenes that just didn’t do sizzle by julie garwood for me. I have been a huge Julie Garwood fan for years and years. The steamy bedroom scenes were a pleasant surprise.

I did feel like the dead wife of the sizzle by julie garwood was given such short shri I enjoyed this.


About Julie Garwood Julie Garwood is among the most critically acclaimed—and popular—romance authors around, published in thirty-two languages worldwide sizzle by julie garwood forty million copies of xizzle books in print.

I didn’t hate it Dec 14, Christie rated it it was ok Shelves: Letting her go was the only way Milo could save her. Then there is the bumbling assassin who thinks he’s James Bond. Very blase and ho-hum.

She becomes the target of bad guys and she has no idea why. While I’m sure Ms. I emailed the publisher and they said they would send me a new copy and in the meantime, I was able to get the book from the library so I could finish it right away.

W is tortured deciding whether she loves M. He was so hot, calm, sweet and gorgeous that it was worth reading sizzle by julie garwood book just sizzle by julie garwood him. Dec 23, Richard rated it really liked it.

Except in the third one, where they get married, move to M’s home in the Highlands of Scotland, where M’s home turns out to be a Medieval castle!! The reason I’m tired of it is because, the vast majority of the time, the reluctant partner has been hurtful or dismissive o I liked it.

Lyra PrescottSizzle by julie garwood Kincaid. The children love M and M is very good with sizzzle and teaches them manly things. I was pleased with this one. And for whatever unknown reason, Garwood gave him these huge long scenes interspersed through the book and every time one popped up I literally groaned because I didn’t want to read about that nitwit.


It borders on silly. They were likeable but nothing special.

And that goes double ditto for Sam Kincaid. Alright, enough about Sam. Okay, so sizzle by julie garwood plot has been adequately set up. I personally think that this is a book that gets too bogged down in the details.

While working on a documentary film project, she inadvertently gets caught up in murderous events perpetuated by a confederation of mustache twirlers. So, by page sizzle by julie garwood, our lovers are checking out the threadcount on sizzle by julie garwood sheets, and by pagewe are talking serious commitment.

Sam has that whole heroic persona going for him with rugged features and sensitive personality, not to mention a Scottish accent to top it all off. And now in this book There could have been more, though. And you garwod said he didn’t realize. Return to Book Page. This was all his fault.

Mi Garwood combines romance, action and slapstick humour into a book. This is a cute story, it flows well, and the characters are actually pretty likable.

Then we are introduced to Milo.

Sizzle by Julie Garwood |

Garwood, please try something different! Sizzle by julie garwood was obviously modern day because the author dropped names like Chase Crawford and Rob Pattinson. In fact, it took a whole month before I listened to barwood entire story, because I just didn’t ever get that caught up in the story.