Sadhu Chellappa is the author of Varnashrama Dharma ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 1 review) Sadhu Chellappa’s Followers (2) Sadhu Chellappa’s books. Sadhu Chellappa explains in simple terms to the ordinary people what the .. This is also followed in the design of a Hindu temple (see in the Bible the book. 9 Oct Sadhu Chellappa is an avid writer, Christian evengelist from South India who has written 28 books in Tamil and English language. He has.

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There is a way that is right and there is also a way that is wrong. Now he has 27 churches and pastors, four full-time Evangelists and an chellppa with four faculties. Revival Forum Interview by Leonard Ravenhill.

Man sadhu chellappa books before God, full of fear, wondering if God would punish him or forgive him.

Religious worship differs; some worship fire, others water and yet others worship spirits. Yea, the Lord shall give that which is Good” – Psalms God is bbooks confused and He sadhu chellappa books never confuse His own people. In the year God gave him a new vision to plant churches.

Sadhu Chellappa

It is clear that all religions cannot be the same. After a series of failures he decided to commit suicide.

sadhu chellappa books But, man by his own power and knowledge cannot see or know God. He immediately got down at the next station and walked to the meeting and he found the Lord Jesus Christ in his life. But, if all religions lead to the same goal, why do these things happen? The necessity to choose between them puts the onus on us to discover the truth. If God, in love, ought to meet the demands of justice while at the same time shows mercy and love. This led to sadhu chellappa books asking many questions to his teachers and masters.


So, we can be sure that there is only one truth and one way – that is God. He was then interviewed and his life story appeared in the “Challenge” magazine published by Campus Crusade, U. Search Revelation The Aryan search for the Sadhu chellappa books to whom they would offer oblation. One of the ancient scriptures of India, the Rig Vedha says.

He was called Jesus because He would bear the sins sadhu chellappa books the world. Some glorify self and others renounce it. And the word became flesh, John 1: He has sent one missionary to North India in Uttar Pradesh State in a small village by name Padampuri where there are no Christians at all.

In the temples, he sadhu chellappa books practices and beliefs contrary to the scriptures. God will therefore, surely not reveal himself in different ways; as Jehovah, to Jews, Jesus to Christians, Allah to Muslims, Shiva to Saivaites, Bishu to Vaishnavites and over three hundred million gods and goddesses and god-men and god-women to the Hindus, thus confusing His people and putting them in sadhu chellappa books with each other. Jesus became the perfect sacrifice and paid the penalty for our sins.


Within a few years, he had preached in all major cities, towns sahu villages all over Tamil Nadu. Thus He washes away the sins of man.

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Instead of waiting for the real to reveal Himself by His own grace to men, they formed their many gods and goddesses out of their own imaginations. Could it be because this idea would kill the spirit of inquiry and analysis? Man, realizing sadhu chellappa books own sin, falls at the feet of God for forgiveness and redemption. Even sarhu sadhu chellappa books differ.

Sadhu Chellappa

It pleases all and swdhu none; it permits everything and does not include a cross. He is found whenever a sincere seeker opens the door of his or her heart by faith and with repentance, offers to Jesus Christ, a complete personal surrender. Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall sadhu chellappa books down from heaven.

Looking for free sermon messages? A famous Tamil saint, Thirumoolar, who lived around A.