Contains the form of government of the PCA, rules of discipline, and the directory of the worship The Book of Church Order Binder is sold separately (#). The office of deacon is set forth in the Scriptures as ordinary and perpetual in the Church. The office is one of sympathy and service, after the example of the Lord. Exam questions for Presbyterian candidates for ministry on the PCA Book of Church Order.

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The court by which he is to be ordained.

Who are the members of the church Session? The pulpit committee shall, after consultation and deliberation, recommend to the congregation a pastoral candidate who, in its judgment, fulfills the Constitutional requirements of that office e. Public notice pca book of church order the time, place and purpose of the meeting shall be given at least one week prior to the time of the meeting.

What is the procedure for calling a congregational meeting? What is the first principle? Every church shall elect persons to the offices of Pastor, Ruling Elder, and Deacon in the following manner, pca book of church order Whereas, following the 14th General Assembly, the first “Preliminary Principle” read, as it does now: The constitutionality of this language is well attested in our tradition, and it continues to be a worthy statement of American Presbyterian “Preliminary Principles.

Chapter Index [links are to Paragraph 1 in each chapter]: A At least quarterly. It shall always be the duty of the Session to call a congregational meeting when requested to do so by one-fourth of the persons entitled to pca book of church order.



Describe the duties of the Deacon. Public notice shall previously be given by the Session, that the church is to convene at the usual place pca book of church order public worship for such purpose; and it shall always be the duty of the Session to convene them when requested bopk a majority of the persons entitled to vote.

Be is resolved, that pxa James River Presbytery, meeting in stated meeting at Hopewell, Virginia on 14 Januarydoes hereby overture the 12th General Assembly to adopt the following recommendation:. Polity Library by Topic. The Session shall call a congregational meeting to elect a pulpit committee which may be composed of members from the congregation at large or the Session, as designated by the congregation see Chapter The Presbyterian Church chhurch Pca book of church order, in pca book of church order forth the form of government which it maintains as being founded upon and agreeable to the Word of God, reiterates, by way of introduction, several great principles which have governed the formation of the plan: What is the process pca book of church order calling a special meeting of General Assembly?

We do not even wish to see any religious constitution aided by the civil power, further than obok be necessary for protection and security, and, at the same time, be equal oc common to all others.

A To the Session. More detailed grounds for the change need to be specified. How often is the Board of Deacons required to meet?

BHCO – Of Proceeding to Elect

A, Not less than 20 days. Ramsay, Exposition of the Book of Church Order What documents make up the Constitution of the PCA? The language of the proposed pxa originated in the first Form of Government produced by American Presbyterians in No 84, Q Who is subject to the discipline of the Church?


The Session A church shall proceed to elect a Pastor in the following manner: A Pca book of church order baptized persons, being members of the church Who owns the property of a PCA church? Technically, these Principles were orxer the books” up until that point in when the PCUS finally adopted the first edition of their Book of Church Order.

Book of Church Order (BCO)

It has no right to impose or enforce any form of church polity, nor to grant any special countenance or support to any part of the Church. Who may call a meeting of the church Session? Pardovan’s Collections Scottish Dir. Presented pca book of church order the James River Presbytery, but not adopted by Presbytery Whereas, we believe that “God alone is Lord of the conscience, and hath left it free from the doctrines and commandments of men, which are, pca book of church order anything contrary to His Word; or beside it, if matters of faith, or worship A All their Teaching Elders, I Ruling Elder for the first members, and one for each additional members or fraction of A Annually How many commissioners may a church send to General Assembly A All teaching elders, 2 ruling elders for first communing members or one additional elder for each additional communing members or fraction thereof.