to Punxsutawney. Route East to Clymer. Route West to Saltsburg. Route South to Blairsville and to Route IUP Design Studio Campus Map 4/. CAMPUS MAP. INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA. Roadways and Parking IUP Design Studio Campus Map 4/

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Schedule Route 12 – Operates Monday thru Saturday 8: Plumville, Old Mahoning Rd. Have exact change or your bus iup campus map ready when you board the bus.

Iup campus map the bus is getting close to your destination, there is usually a cord that you pull to let the driver know that you want to get off there. Toggle navigation Indi GO.

University Map, Directions, and Parking

Make sure you pull the cord, or the driver may not stop at iup campus map destination. Look for the day of the week on which you want to travel. Schedule Route 2 – Operates Monday thru Friday, 7: Route 22 Map Services: Schedule Printer Friendly Version.


Look up your destination on the schedule, and look across or down the column iup campus map find the time you wish to arrive there.

Schedule Route 7 – Mxp Wednesday Only 7: Look at the iup campus map. Route 3 – Operates Monday thru Friday 7: Route 25 – Operates Tuesday Only Schedule Route 3 – Operates Monday thru Friday 7: Route 10 – Operates Monday thru Friday 7: Tell the driver if you need assistance. Route iup campus map – Operates Monday thru Friday 6: Remember, service animals are allowed on buses, and many buses can lower the steps for easier access.

Route 22 – IUP Campus Express Route Map –

If you need to switch buses, ask the driver for a transfer slip when you get on your first bus. Schedule Route 6 – Operates Monday thru Friday 6: How to Read a Schedule.

Work backwards from your destination to your starting point to figure out when you need to catch the bus. IUP Shuttles operate continuously every 10 minutes from 7: Iup campus map Route 25 – Operates Tuesday Only Printer Friendly Iup campus map Due to holidays, there will be no service, or limited service, on mao following dates: IndiGO sells surplus vehicles through PublicSurplus.


Post Office, Pratt Hall.

Map, Directions, and Parking – About IUP – Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Find your starting point on the schedule. Route 2 – Operates Monday thru Friday, 7: It is a good idea to arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes early. Know where iup campus map want to go and when you want to get there.

Also, realize that you may have to transfer cwmpus one iup campus map to another if there is no direct route to your destination. Please check their website for any current listings.

Route 1 – Operates Monday thru Saturday 7: