Related Manuals for Draytek Vigor Series Network Router Draytek Vigor User Manual Network Router Draytek Vigor Series User Manual. You can register your Vigor router via Firmware. Draytek Vigor User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for. 19 Jun DRAYTEK VIGOR MANUAL PDF DOWNLOAD – Related Manuals for Draytek Vigor Series Network Router Draytek Vigor User Manual.

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The web page can be logged out according to the chosen condition. All the settings Disable on this page will be invalid. Ipsec Peer Identity Click each index to edit one peer digital certificate. Refer to the following for detailed information.

Reboot System OK to reboot your router for ensuring normal operation and preventing unexpected errors of the router in the future.

This chapter explains how to setup a password for accessing into the web configurator of Vigor router and how to adjust settings for accessing Internet draytek vigor 2920 manual.

Tone – Display the tone settings that configured in the advanced settings page of Phone Draytek vigor 2920 manual. Set Common Settings as shown below. The Terminal window will appear. Then, click Next to continue. If it still fails, it might be the compliance problem of system. If this field Dest Port End is 29920, it means that all the destination ports will be passed through the WAN interface.


By clicking the General Settings, a new web page will appear so that you could configure the Drwytek and the wireless channel. Ipsec General Setup AH it receives. You will always have the required inbound and outbound bandwidth that is prioritized exclusively for Voice traffic draytek vigor 2920 manual Internet but you just get your data a little slower and it is tolerable for data traffic. After finishing the configuration, please click Next. Please use the Modem Initial String default value.

After that, in General Setup you may specify one set for call filter and one set for data filter to execute first. After typing the password, please click Next. Range as the type. Given the power and flexibility of the draytek vigor 2920 manual of service management features, we were pleased to find that we could not distinguish any slowdown in applications such as web browsing when these features were switched on.


Before configuring the settings on Vigor, you need to know which connection type that your IPv6 drxytek used. Twenty policies of load-balance are supported by this router.


If the router still cannot work correctly after trying many efforts, please contact your dealer for further help right away. The default setting is Trademarks The following trademarks are used in draytek vigor 2920 manual document: Mode – Displays the type of WAN connection e. Wrong darytek settings might cause inconvenience for users.

Power on the device by pressing down the power switch on the rear panel. Display the subnet mask selected for this draytek vigor 2920 manual mapping. Profile 2 is draytek vigor 2920 manual for future use. Page QoS control. The system starts to initiate.

However, if the network is not stable, small value will be proper. Then click Next to open the following page. The ‘ALL’ file will just upgrade the firmware, whereas the ‘RST’ file will upgrade firmware and wipe all settings back to factory defaults.

Displays the Drqytek address for the start of the destination port. In the following page, you can activate the Web content filter services at the same time or individually.