The Heavens Opened has 46 ratings and 5 reviews. Michelle said: If you haven’t figured me out yet, you should be able to tell from the books I read, that. 20 Jan While staying at a mountain cabin, Anna Rountree was caught up in a tremendous vision of Heaven. While there, she was taught by angels. After spending about 1 year in Heaven, Anna Rountree is interviewed and shares the most fascinating heavenly account of what is in the Kingdom of God.

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A group of angels passed overhead.

But stranger than the silence was the fact that few sought to escape across the rubble of the wallfew. His face was grave with the demeanor of authority.

Then, somewhat breathlessly, I set my face toward the throne room. David Raphael rated it it was amazing May 29, Suddenly an angel began to fly beside me.

The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree

By following His leading, He directs you to the hidden stairs. They are here to show you exactly what you might be facing with your charges. Sometimes a stunt person will need one of us all by him or herself, but usually we can handle five. Seek for my name,” he said, and then he was gone. In faded Lettering on the side of the wall, I could read: Immediately we were at the back of the large auditorium and exiting the double doors.


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The sound was ancient and terrifying. There heavene to be many, many with the gift of healing this anna rountree the heavens opened around.

Shannon rated it it was amazing Dec 31, One reason, I learned, that it was so difficult to find anything about her, is that Anna Rountree is a pen name. I supposed that the Lord would send them on assignments all over the world.

Matthew West – Forgiveness – Official Song Notify me of new comments via email. But we do not toil here. Clara began to make her way to the front of the auditorium. I felt as though I had been hit by a truck.

The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree

Don’t keep Him waiting. Buildings and places they entered or were granted permission to learn about, and the purpose they were being shown them for. Ask what you will. Anna rountree the heavens opened could hear the battering ram rolling; although I was still panting, I began to run up thhe stairs.

Apr 11, Michelle Simpson rated it it was amazing.

You could walk on it, and it would return to its rokntree position once the pressure had been removed from it. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. What is Heaven Like anna rountree the heavens opened robertbrownell With a mighty effort, I completed the stairs and turned to make sure I had indeed escaped.


The Heavens Opened

Exorcism and Deliverance, Casting out demons and evil spirits – robertbrownell The ronutree genuineness and personality shone through and all the glory was given to God. This site uses cookies.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: They seemed to be attending a lecture. WHO is this with you? It plowed through houses and buildings, losing little of its speed. Some varieties I had seen on earth, and some I had not. Although it moved slowly, people on the desert floor seemed helpless to avoid its path; they were crushed as it rolled over them.

Tim Shaw rated it really liked it Mar 25, Rounree stretched anna rountree the heavens opened my whole body at the water’s edge anna rountree the heavens opened put my hand into the stream. Abigail Nagy rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Edwin Almonte rated it it was amazing Apr 06,